Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Keepin' On

I'm back to work now and feeling much better. I've just been grossing out my co-workers with a nice, thick cough. I'm not contagious though! Just gross. And this cough will linger for a while. Le sigh.

On the diet front, it's been a little tough but I'm feeling good about the Weight Watchers. I'm in the regular habit of tracking my food but I've been horrible about "cheating" and taking from my weekly extra points. However, I'm still down the weight I lost on the cleanse/bronchitis. :P So YAY!

Today I made the BEST dinner. It was a nice twofer: I finally got salmon (been craving it for a long time) and I tried a Skinny Taste recipe.

Skinny Taste is an awesome website that features delicious food that is also low-fat and simple, too. I found out about Gina through a former coworker that was also on WW and seriously spent a good hour going through the entire site and collecting recipes. Skinny Taste also puts the nutrition value and Weight Watcher points for each recipe featured.

So for dinner tonight we had Broiled Salmon with Rosemary with a side of roasted asparagus and rice. DELICIOUS. And to top it off, Chris even tried some asparagus!! Dudes, this is a huge deal. He HATES a lot of vegetables that I love but in his promise to support me he has said he is willing to try all the things I make.

Now I am stuffed and happy and tired. Same with the kitty, who got spoiled again with another treat of raw salmon. For the first time ever he didn't finish his treat.... which we think means his tummy hurts from eating too much cat grass earlier. He DID totally barf a bunch of cat grass up. :S Poor guy. I think we could both use some snuggles so off I go!


Becca said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe website. "Diet" food that won't taste diet = AMAZEBALLS

micheroo said...

No problem! The site is THE BEST! Bon appetit!