Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Cats.

Well, there's absolutely no doubt about it that I am a crazy cat lady. The thing is, I only have one cat! Of course that's not my choice... my future husband is against me becoming the OFFICIAL cat lady (apparently you need 4+ to get that title) and has banned me from rescuing all the kittens and cats I find each day.

No big deal... for now. I get to express my love on the internet, where cats flow freely! And my new hobby now (and for the past 2 years) has been taking pictures of my very own Bosley Cat and posting them online.

I feel like I've gone on a whole other level because I have instagrammed him (even though I don't actually have a device that can take pictures and use instagram - chew on that, McGyver!) and submitted his image to This is Caturday, a wonderful blog featuring cats (what else?!).

And now he is featured (click it and LIKE it dammit!)! With currently 138 likes! I am crazily refreshing the page and feeling pride when he gets more "Likes" and comments. Dude. He's a beautiful cat. 'Nuff said.

And so, here is the masterpiece of my cat! Bosley in a bowtie. Dapper fellow, ain't he? You can't blame me for loving him and showing him off!!!!

The Cat Lady

Cat. Bosley Cat.


Harry Snowden said...

My son and I want a cat ranch one day... seriously ;)

micheroo said...

That would be incredible! :)

Anonymous said...

My Bosley left this earth in 2008. He was a fine fellow and wore the tuxedo by birth! great name!